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Plant height and spread sizes quoted are approximate 10 year sizes.
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Ohio Buckeye (Aescules Glabra)
[Ban Pot, 6-12" Tree]
Girard's Price: $6.00

Height: 10'   Spread: 6-8'   Zone:  4-7
American Buckeye or Ohio Buckeye, native to midwestern and lower great plains of the U.S. Leaves are large long and broad. Flowers are long panicles white to yellow. Fruit pods are round and spikey. Inside seed is brown, round smooth and shiny. Large growing tree.
Rose of Sharon 'Double Red' (Hibiscus Syriacus 'Amplissimus')
[1Gallon Pot , 18" Plant]
Girard's Price: $9.95

Height: 8-10'   Spread: 4-6'   Zone: 5-8
Deciduous small tree or shrub. Double red flowers bloom late summer - fall. Very showy. Attracts hummingbirds. Plant in full sun to part shade.
Smoke Bush 'Royal Purple' (Cotinus Coggygria 'Royal Purple')
[3.5" Pot, 5-8" Plant]
Girard's Price: $6.50

Height: 6'  Spread: 6'  Zone: 5-7
Purple-red leaves all season. Clusters of purplish bilowy soft flowers resembling smoke in summer.Very unusual flowers. Plant in full sun.
Sourwood Tree [Oxydendron Arboreum]
[Bare Root, 18" Plant]
Girard's Price: $6.95

Height: 6-8'   Spread: 4-6'   Zone: 5-9
Small growing tree with interest all year. In Summer, fragrant clusters of white flowers hang in clusters. Deep glossy green leaves turn bright orange and red in the Fall. Resistant to pests and disease. Plant in full sun to part shade.
Witch Hazel 'Arnold Promise' (Hamamelis X Intermedia 'Arnold Promise )
[ 2 Gallon Pot, 24'' Plant ]
Girard's Price: $36.00

Height:  10'   Spread:  8'   Zone:  5-9
Large spreading shrub. Blooms in the Winter with bright, fragrant Yellow ribbon effect flowers. Easy care. Plant shade to full sun.
Witch Hazel 'Diane' (Hamamelis X Intermedia 'Diane')
[1 Gallon Pot,18" Plant]
Girard's Price: $18.00

Height: 10'   Spread: 5'   Zone: 3-7
Ruby red flowers, winter blooming. Long lasting blooms.Wide spreading habit. Green foliage turns red in fall. Plant in full sun to part shade.
Witch Hazel 'Jelena' (Hamamelis x Intermedia 'Jelena')
[1 Gallon Pot, 12-15" Plant]
Girard's Price: $18.00

Height: 8'   Spread: 8'   Zone: 5-8
Large green leaves turning brilliant red in fall. Blooms in January with coppery orange flowers. Vase growing habit.
Witch Hazel 'Pallida' (Hamamelis Mollis 'Pallida')
[1 Gallon Pot, 8-12" Plant]
Girard's Price: $18.00

Height: 8'   Spread: 8'   Zone: 4-8
Solid yellow. A very vigorous large-flowered, large leaf Chinese witch hazel. Grows to 10', blooms February and March. Very hardy, likes moist well-drained soil.